The Story

In the beginning of our journey in 2017 we wanted to focus on pushing people to experience the magic of the outdoors. When we began to accomplish that goal, we decided we also wanted to expand our brand with more technical products. In 2018, the results were our new line, Samurai Tactical. It began when our designers gained knowledge of Kenjutsu, a term for schools of Japanese swordsmanship. Kenjutsu, originated with the samurai class of feudal, which means the technique of swords. Inspired by the class, we implemented the beauty of swords into our branding. With all of that inspiration we began to work towards a heavily technical line of gear for the professional warrior. We infused this with Japanese sensibilities and contemporary perspectives to create some of the most impressive packs in the industry. Our mission was to produce affordable and quality backpacks that would not only be used for tactical activities, but also for everyday challenges. So whether you’re heading into combat or a relaxing hike, our bags will fit the occasion.